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I’m Nancy L. Miller, a certified life coach, registered nurse, new business owner, mom, sister, friend, and more.  In a number of ways, I’m like you who are nurses, business owners, professionals, parents and family members.  I am uniquely different from the thousands of other people with whom I share the name, Nancy Miller.

I’ve had many detours, delays and interruptions on my road to well-being.   The deaths of loved ones, family members diagnosed with chronic health conditions, and unexpected life and relationship changes are just a few.  Never-the-less, I kept moving forward on my own well-being journey because of a strong passion for health and wellness and a desire to live well no matter my age or circumstances.

The invaluable knowledge and experience gained from a decades long career in health care and a firm commitment to prevent chronic diseases helped guide me.     I’ve learned to realign priorities to maintain my own well-being, identify my self-care needs and strategically plan to meet them.  After becoming a Certified Life Coach through Wellcoaches and AG Coaching, my dream of starting my own business became a reality when I took early retirement from Certified School Nurse employment.

These personal and professional experiences combined with a compassionate commitment to help others align their bodies, souls and spirits serve as my guideposts.  It’s my goal to help individuals live their best possible lives, achieve optimum health, discover well-being and fulfill the great commandment including the charge to “love yourself.”

In my spare time, you’ll find me bicycle riding, hiking, reading or searching for healthfully delicious recipes.  Traveling to the beach, the mountains and the nations brings me great joy and adventure.

I have one adult son.  My HUGE dream is to someday have a beach condo in one of the Carolinas so that I can be closer to him.  I know that anything is possible! I’ve even survived a lightning strike when I was a teenager!


Registered Nurse:

                Bachelor of Science Nursing

                Certified School Nurse

Certified Life Coach:

                Wellcoaches CHWC (Certified Health and Wellness Coach)

                Certified AG Coach

Additional Training and Membership:

                100 plus Hours of ICF aligned Approved Coach Specific Training Hours

                Institute for Brain Potential Seminars 2017:

                                The Habits of Stress Resilient People
                                How the Brain Forms New Habits:  Why Willpower is Not Enough

                National Wellness Institute Conference 2015

                WELCOA Conference 2014: Managing Stress @ Work

Member of International Coach Federation

Certified Mental Health First Aid

Coaching Designed for You

Through individual or group coaching sessions, I will help YOU:

* Identify what you need for well-being.

* Design steps to successfully move forward.

 * Be your best personally and professionally.

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