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You work hard to excel in multiple roles.  Sometimes, you work so hard, you stray from your ideal path. 

Are you:

Expending time and energy without obtaining desired outcomes?

Challenged to maintain desired health habits?

Wondering if there’s a way to experience a life of well-being?

Through individual or group coaching sessions, I will help YOU:

* Identify what you need for well-being.

* Design steps to successfully move forward.

 * Be your best personally and professionally.

Why Coaching?


DANA G.Nurse and Mother of Three
“I have worked with Nancy for the past year and consider it a privilege to have her as my life coach. Her blend of active listening and powerful questions allow me to navigate life experiences and see them from a different vantage point. She has helped through a job change and assisted me as I sent a child off to college. In every instance, her coaching brought clarity to the situation and allowed me to prioritize that which was important to me. “
BARBWorking Toward Retirement
“Working with Nancy as my Life Coach has been a blessing to me, she is a great listener and in-tune to my needs. She has challenged me to think in ways I never thought of before. In a short amount of time, my goals were set and achieved. I highly recommend her!”
Terri C. Group Ministry Leader, Mother and Grandmother
“Participating in the School of Self Care Group provided by Navigate Life Coaching was a great experience for me! I enjoyed meeting each week with Nancy! She had such a sincere desire to see me succeed! It was fun, challenging (in a good way), and gave me lots of resources to succeed and aid me in my journey for improvement in my life! I highly recommend Navigate Life Coaching!!!”

Life doesn’t always go exactly as planned.  Nevertheless, you can:

Keep moving forward despite detours, delays, or roadblocks.

Identify ways to overcome obstacles.

Utilize your unique gifts, personality and strengths to take action.

Discover how to create and maintain a life of well-being.